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by A. Abrams May 13, 2019

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through Instagram at all of the pictures of gorgeous people at the gym but can’t seem to get yourself off of the couch?

I can be like that too – full of eagerness to look just like those people, have the energy to be just like those people – but sometimes I just can’t seem to make myself work out after a long day of work, or get out of bed early enough to get it done before work.

Don’t even get me started on making time to cook good and healthy food. (Psst, I already found a solution to this! It’s called FitEx Meals – healthy food delivery servicing my area of Tampa. It has already saved me a ton of time and money… not to mention stress.)

Recently however, I’ve noticed that if I try a few tips found by other former slackers like me, I have been able to get moving much more often than usual.

workout motivation fitex meals blog
It can be hard, but with a few simple tricks you can really get into an effective routine.

I always do really well with exercising by Wednesday or so, and carry through by the weekend. But when the weekend comes and it’s time to relax or engage in weekend plans, I fall out. On top of that, Monday comes around and I’m so bummed about the weekend being over that I can’t make myself get moving. That’s why I implemented a few strategies found from some awesome sites that have really helped me out.

Here are some tips I discovered to help you get motivated to go work out and get some exercise, even when you really don’t want to:

  1. Tell yourself to do it.
    • Literally tell yourself what you are going to do. Schedule it in your planner, set a reminder, and above all: tell yourself that you’ve got this. “You’re gonna crush this”, says the woman who succeeds.
  2. Unleash your competitive side.
    • Whether it is Nike Run Club or Map My Run, get on these platforms or one similar. When you connect with your friends and see their progress, you’ll be motivated to do better and run farther.
    • Don’t forget to share your results on social media! You’ll feel proud.
  3. Think positive.
    • Remember the last time you crushed your workout? Think about how it felt to win that day when you go back to the gym, to run, or whatever workout you have planned. These positive memories of being successful and making progress should certainly help you see yourself succeeding the next time you feel like quitting or thinking to “just do it tomorrow”.
  4. Get a boppin’ playlist.
    • Choose power songs. Need some girl power? Add on Cardi B and Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” to your workout playlist. Want to feel like Rocky? Add in some “Eye of the Tiger” or “Pour Some Sugar on Me” to really get in the groove and pump iron.
    • Choose songs that have 125-140 BPM, which are a good speed to boost both your stamina and your mood.
  5. Get your gym rat friend to help out.
    • One thing that gym rats love is enlisting their friends to go buddy up at the gym. They’re always asking, after all! You might as well join. You’d be surprised how easy it is to workout when you make it a date/event that you’re committed to. It’s a lot harder to back out when you already made plans with someone. Also, having someone else there to help you makes it less awkward when you’re learning, and more fun when you’re sick of it.
  6. Get CUTE gym clothes.
    • While my easiest option is to wear whatever I don’t mind sweating in, I know that I will feel so much more confident in some adorable leggings and a sharp sports bra when I go to the gym.
    • Find your workout power suit and wear it PROUDLY.
  7. Make it cost you!
    • Prepay for your workout and you’ll totally regret not going to that pilates class that is already paid for!
    • If you paid for your gym membership already and you haven’t been there in months, you must be feeling a little guilty. This should be motivating you, instead! It’s paid for – go use it.
Try joining a class – you’ll feel motivated to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Above all, rethink how you treat working out. If you’re not feeling rewarded by your workout, change things up. Rethink positive thinking and reward yourself after your workout! Find your fitness tribe, join a class, pump up the jams.

Need more motivation? Check out this link on some awesome motivation tips for your workout.

Get your power songs on and GO!

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