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Healthy Meal Delivery in Temple Terrace

Is meal prep taking up too much of your time to keep eating healthy?

Don't worry, Temple Terrace - meal prep delivery is finally here. Now, you can choose your favorite meals for delivery straight to your door in Temple Terrace.

In the light of meal prep, FitEx Meals works to create healthy prepared meals for delivery straight to you. Further, our meal prep delivery service is available all across Florida including Temple TerraceTampa, Carrollwood, Lutz, and more.

If your day is too bogged with rush hour traffic and work to worry about shopping and cooking to eat healthy, then maybe it's time to try a meal prep delivery program. FitEx Meals' Temple Terrace healthy meal delivery service is here to save you time, stress, and money on meal prep.

Check out our menu to see the current meals available. Our menu changes three times each week with over 30 different meals to choose from every time you place an order including options for those on a keto or plant based diet! Stop spending time worrying about meal prep and start living today.

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Meal Prep FAQ


Still want to learn more? Here are some common questions we get.

Do you freeze your meals?

All of our meals are prepared fresh after you order. Unlike other meal prep delivery services, our meals arrive fresh and are never frozen.

How often does your menu change?

Our menu changes each delivery day, and we offer new options every week.

What is your policy on food allergies?

At FitEx, we use a wide spectrum of ingredients to keep variety in our menu. We can not guarantee that your food will be allergen-free, and because of this, we can not recommend our fresh food delivery service to anybody who has moderate to severe food allergies.

What separates you from other diets?

Our meal plans are not only a diet, but a life-changing experience. Eating healthy can make people feel better than ever before. Good food can cure depression, autoimmune diseases and risks associated with being overweight. Our meals are prepared fresh and have a perfect balance of macronutrients to ensure your body composition will improve as you continue to enjoy FitEx. Other diets may be low calorie, but often are comprised of high-fat meals. Our meals are the best route to the results you desire. We also leave less room for guessing. While other services may offer food only five days per week, we offer food seven days per week.

What Our Customers Say

FitEx Meals
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Eileen CareyEileen Carey
15:37 29 Nov 22
I love this place! Perfectly portioned food dishes that are healthy and delicious! If you don’t have time or energy to cook and want eat healthier, FitEx is the best. They offer an amazing selection that changes from week to week so you’re never bored by the menu. Plus they deliver, too! I’m on the weekly plan and so far I’m down over 10 pounds in 6 weeks. I can’t recommend FitEx enough!
Cortez BronsonCortez Bronson
14:58 05 Sep 22
The selection of meals here are great! The salmon with the rice pilaf was so good after my workout! Very convenient since I was leaving the gym during rush hour and didn’t want to wait until I got home to eat.The girl working was very kind and helpful and I was able to use the microwave to heat up my food and eat it right away! 🍱I really like that the macros are on the side of the label because I’m on prep for my next bodybuilding show, I like to know exactly what I’m eating! 🍴
Maddie GonzalezMaddie Gonzalez
20:26 14 Aug 22
Mike and the crew are always so nice and professional. We drive 45 minutes every week to pick out our meals because they are so good! They do deliver all over Florida, but our drive is worth their friendly service. Thank you all for what you do!
Carlos ParedesCarlos Paredes
14:53 03 Mar 22
Awesome company and the meals have so much variation and quality. The selecting process is simple and pick up is a easy too. I actually shopped around before deciding to go with them about 4 months ago. Mike and his staff won me over as I think they do with many other people in the bay area. I run a business and have a 15 meal plan and the amount of time it saves me and how it helps deter unhealthy on the road cravings are some other reasons why I like it.
Wayne GieseWayne Giese
22:39 05 Jul 21
Good Every TimeI have use FitEx several times over the past few years and have been on the service for over six months now. The Quality control over time has been top notch. My main reason for staying with FitEx is the low salt and high flavor.


Meal Prep Delivery in Temple Terrace is Easier than Ever

The time and stress involved with meal prep might keep you from remaining committed to eating healthy. Further, your work day probably keeps you pretty busy. For that reason, a prepared meal plan delivered to you could take away all the stress of meal prep and cooking every week.

There isn't much worse than eating the same prepped meal every day of the week - stop eating chicken and broccoli and start eating tasty meals with variety! We offer high-protein and low-fat meals, as well as keto, gluten-free, plant based, and even more options for wholesome and tasty prepared meals for you and your family.

Fitexmeals.com has over 300 healthy meal prep options to choose from.  Over 30 meal choices are on the FitEx menu each week. Our storefront is open 7 days per week if you can’t make delivery fit your busy schedule, where you can even pick out some meals to sample.

Check out our menu to see the choices for this week including options for those on a keto or plant based diet. First, you'll be able to choose the number of meals you want and the frequency of your delivery. Next, choose the meals you want. Then, select whether you'd like your meal plan delivered or to pick up your meals at our store.

Our Grab and Go cooler is filled with choices from this week's menu. This gives you an option to grab a bite for lunch or even just to sample one of our fresh prepared meals before signing up for a meal prep subscription.

Visit today where we can talk to you about your fitness goals to help find a meal prep plan that works for you.

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Take control of your health today and start giving your body the diet it deserves.