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Healthy Meal Delivery in Savannah, GA

Ready to get out of the kitchen and spend more time with your family?

Have you been searching for a meal prep service? Congratulations! FitEx Meals is sweeping into beautiful Savannah, GA delivering tasteful, healthy and fresh meals.

Not only are our meals fresh, tasteful and healthy: FitEx believes each person has different needs and wants. We also offer Keto, Gluten-Free and much more!

Want more time to relax? Interested in joining the trend of meal prepping for a healthy lifestyle-better yet, starting a Keto diet? Allergic to gluten? If you have been looking for efficiency, less mess to clean up, a health or fitness goal to achieve look no further!

FitEx Meals currently delivers in Atlanta, GA and now a city known for its well-preserved architecture and coastal landscapes, Savannah, GA.

If you have been looking for healthy, fresh, tasteful prepared healthy meals and seem to only come across meal prep services that are bland with little to no variety-your search ends here. Our meal prep delivery menu changes every week and includes low fat, macronutrient focused meals as well as ketogenic meals and prepared breakfast entrees! You will never get bored.

We pride ourselves in wanting to make life easier, help achieve that fitness goal you have been dreaming about but have little to no time or energy, for some: gain healthy weight-lose healthy weight. In this age of time delivery service is becoming the new norm; to have your weekly meal come straight to you? That is magic!

With 7 days a week and 24 hours in a day- it seems like a lot of time on your hands, right? We can agree after a long day of working, going to school, completing tasks on your to-do list and still making time to cook or buy food-your taste buds might not like- at the end you are asking yourself, “where did the time go?”

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Meal Prep FAQ


Still want to learn more? Here are some common questions we get.

Do you freeze your meals?

All of our meals are prepared fresh after you order. Unlike other meal prep delivery services, our meals arrive fresh and are never frozen.

How often does your menu change?

Our menu changes each delivery day, and we offer new options every week.

What is your policy on food allergies?

At FitEx, we use a wide spectrum of ingredients to keep variety in our menu. We can not guarantee that your food will be allergen-free, and because of this, we can not recommend our fresh food delivery service to anybody who has moderate to severe food allergies.

What separates you from other diets?

Our meal plans are not only a diet, but a life-changing experience. Eating healthy can make people feel better than ever before. Good food can cure depression, autoimmune diseases and risks associated with being overweight. Our meals are prepared fresh and have a perfect balance of macronutrients to ensure your body composition will improve as you continue to enjoy FitEx. Other diets may be low calorie, but often are comprised of high-fat meals. Our meals are the best route to the results you desire. We also leave less room for guessing. While other services may offer food only five days per week, we offer food seven days per week.

What Our Customers Say

"Hands down an incredible deal . The meals are better than most restaurants in Tampa .portions are fair and you cant beat the variety of choices. I highly recommend this company. Thank you guys!!"

~ Nelson M

"My husband and I are very happy with FitEx Meals. Every meal we have had so far has been so delicious, healthy, and fresh.

My husband and I are on the go a lot and we were having a lot of take-out. We wanted to put an end to all the take out and the Uber eats we were getting so we decided to do a meal plan service. We are on the 2 meals per day plan and we look forward to eating now and we feel GREAT after each meal.

You can tell the meals are prepared carefully and with fresh ingredients and its not salty or bland like other meal services we've had in the past. It's also been really helpful in getting me to control my portions and get me back on a diet and my husband loves all the protein he's been getting.

The prices are fair and they are very friendly and very easy to work with. Looking forward to all of our future meals with them!"

~ Angela L

Meal Prep Delivery in Savannah, GA

Students- it’s hard enough keeping up with classes, study sessions, quizzes, sports, family time, gym, social activities, and everything in between. We see the memes of your daily struggle: buying junk food or going to sleep to ignore the hunger. With our healthy prepared meal delivery service, we can provide your body nutrients to keep the momentum going- have one less thing to worry about.

Parents- Do you have kids that are allergic to gluten? We've got you covered! Take advantage of all the different meals we offer that are gluten-free. Taking your kids to school, helping with homework, after school practices, laundry, yard work, work- work meetings, gym, the list goes on! The little time you have left is coming up with a meal, serving and having to clean the mess after... boy oh boy. With our meal prep delivery service in Savannah, GA- containing variety of meal packages- cut the mental stress and give yourself more time to relax.

Now imagine this: no more grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning! No more wasted time on meal prep Sunday. At FitEx Meals we like to keep it fresh and new. Every week our menu changes. This allows us to offer different style cuisines to satisfy every craving you may have and deliver meals freshly made.

Our meals are high in protein, low in fat and designed to meet the different health or fitness goals you may have.

Check out our menu here and reserve your meals!

Healthy Prepared Meals To Go in Savannah, Georgia

Are you done with trying to eat healthy because nothing healthy ever tastes good enough for you

Are meal prep companies letting you down with their no-good, overcooked, and overpriced foods?

Did you try a healthy meal kit service - just to be completely dissatisfied with the amount of time it takes to cook and clean? On top of expensive prices?

Eating healthy meals is finally worth it with our healthy meal plan subscriptions. FitEx Meals offers you delivery to your door with our Savanah healthy food delivery service.

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For the best meal delivery service in Savannah, you need a company you can trust. Try a meal from our menu of over 300 healthy prepared meals and we know you'll love it enough to sign up for a meal subscription for delivery right to your door.

Our Savannah healthy meal delivery service is here to save you time, stress, and money on healthy meal preparation so you don't have to worry about cooking, prepping, or cleaning.

You'll burn fat and feel full all day with our healthy meals prepared just for you and your fitness goals in mind. Our high protein meals are lean, low in fat, and low calorie. Whether you need to lose weight with the keto diet or to build muscle with high protein, we have meals that work for you and your individual needs.

Our Mission in Healthy Food Delivery

At FitEx Meals, we offer healthy meal delivery to Savannah for those looking to reach their fitness goals. Our focus on a healthy balance of macronutrients is what helps us create healthy and low calorie meals to deliver straight to your door with our healthy meal delivery service in Savannah, Georgia.

Most importantly, we strive to be the best meal delivery service in Savannah. Here's what we focus on:

  • Healthy prepared meals that are fresh and delicious tasting
  • Consistent and thorough customer service to help our members reach their individual goals
  • Ingredients that are high in quality for a balance of healthy macronutrients
  • Affordable food that is high in quality and high in taste so that you want to stay committed to eating healthy and reaching your goals
  • Healthy food delivery for your convenience

What once was a health food store in Tampa has turned into a complete customer-oriented service for healthy meal prep delivery in Savannah. Whether you need to lose weight with lean meals or keto diet meals, we have meals that can help you with your ketogenic diet or weight loss diet. You can even have the chance to build muscle with our available meal plans. We have a variety of healthy diet meal plans that work for you with the top food delivery in Savannah.

Check out our menu to see the healthy prepared meals that are available for healthy meal delivery in Savannah, Georgia. 

Don't Just Eat Right. Eat Great!


Take control of your health today and start giving your body the diet it deserves.