Meal Prepping Saves You More than just Time

By A. Abrams                                                                                                         November 5, 2019

Meal prepping - the dieting of the future.

In today's world it may seem like "meal prep" is only something that fitness enthusiasts take time to do each week. However, more people are turning to meal prepping as well as healthy meal prep services to ditch the time spent in the kitchen preparing meals and spend more time focusing on other things.

Imagine your average day: you wake up an hour before it's time to leave for work. You make your lunch (or not) and have breakfast (or not) and get ready to go. You drive half an hour (or a full hour) to get to work, spend usually 8 hours there, drive close to an hour to get home, then think... "Okay, now to make dinner."

Imagine then turning to your fridge, opening it up, and... whoops - didn't go grocery shopping this week. Now to order food because you worked all day and didn't get time to go grocery shopping and you're hungry and probably going to do the same thing tomorrow and - okay, enough. Meal prepping it is.

Meal prepping can take up an entire Sunday if you are taking the time to do it right. See our article here about meal prepping on your own time - or, click here to see our menu for next week's meals and how you're not only saving a ton of time on meal prep but now you've got your Sunday back, you're saving even more time, saving stress, and - yeah, believe it or not - you're saving money.

Let's compare a #mealprepsunday with and without a meal prep service like FitEx Meals:

Meal prepping on your own:

You wake up.

Go grocery shopping.

Wait, gotta do some research first - which recipes are you going to make?

Okay, now how many of each recipe?

Does that fit your macros and calorie count?

Are you actually going to eat those meals?

Will they last all week?

Got the recipes figured out - great! Now, where will all of this food go once it's cooked?

Containers - to Amazon we go to find the best ones to order. Or Walmart.

Okay, recipes - check. Containers - check.

Now to get shopping. Trying to be cost-wise and efficient, you go to Trader Joe's, Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco, etc.

Two hours later, you're home. Take a breath, then pull out all of your cooking supplies.

But wait, there's more! First, you need to measure your ingredients and make sure you're getting the nutrition content of each meal as accurate and precise as possible.

Get out your scale and measuring cups!

Now that you've got that done, now we can cook.

Be sure to let everything cool before you place the meals in the containers so everything will last longer and reduce the chances of bacteria growing in your meal containers.

Hey, at least you can use that time to clean some of your kitchen!

Everything is cool - time to plate everything based on the measurements you have.

Everything is plated, we can finally squeeze everything into our fridge, and... done.

...except for that pile of dishes in the sink. Ugh.

Okay, now to see how a Sunday with a meal plan subscription from FitEx Meals goes - but first let's back up to Thursday.

You log on to https://www.fitexmeals.com/menu/

You choose your meal plan size based on how many meals you need each week.

You select your meals from the Sunday menu knowing they'll be ready for pickup or delivery on that day, so you choose a few from that menu and then choose the rest from the Tuesday menu so that you have meals to last you through the rest of the week.

You enter your personal info and your payment settings.

You select delivery for your meals because you live a distance from the pickup location.

And you wait until Sunday.


And now it's Sunday:

You wake up. (You slept until noon)

You hear the doorbell and get a text message: "This is your FitEx Meals delivery driver. Your meals have arrived on your doorstep. Thanks!"

how to choose a meal prep company


You check your front door, and your meals are waiting for you in a glorious red cooler bag of awesomeness.

And you laugh because you think of how much time you spent meal prepping last Sunday while enjoying a fresh and tasty meal from FitEx Meals.

Now go enjoy your Sunday.