Meal Prep Basics

By A. Abrams May 7, 2019

Are you tired of #mealprepsunday?

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Like to do your own meal prep? No problem!

Here are some tips and tricks to get it done every Sunday for the rest of your week:

  1. Start early. If you’re a #mealprepsunday type of person, start in the morning. Get your shopping done early before the crowds hit your local supermarket.
  2. Buy fresh. Unless you’re really short on time, buy fresh ingredients like raw chicken and beef, and fresh veggies, and uncooked rice and noodles. These items can be fun to cook and to use to create new recipes if you have the time and energy to cook all day.
  3. Start cooking! Look up your recipes beforehand to prepare for the ingredients you’ll need to buy. Don’t get all the way home from the supermarket and start cooking before you realize that you forgot to buy ground beef.
  4. Use the same ingredients for multiple recipes. If you like chicken, use chicken to make a Chicken Quesadilla Bowl, Chicken Piccata, Mexican Chicken Wrap, and more. Use ground beef to make a Beef Enchilada Bowl, Spaghetti Bolognese, Cheeseburger Bowl, or Beef Lasagna Bowl. Add broccoli as a side to multiple meals.
  5. Watch your macros. The most important part about meal prepping is counting your calories and macros, and sticking to them. Measure your ingredients to accurately count your daily macronutrients and calories. Calculate these numbers before you eat so it’s all taken care of and accounted for ahead of time, so you don’t have to worry about it at each meal. You can learn more about macronutrients by reading about them in one of our blog posts.

Meal prepping takes a ton of time and energy every week, but it keeps you sane as the week goes on and if you prepare everything correctly, you just need to microwave your meals instead of cooking every time you want to eat.

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