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Maintenance Plan

From: $79.95 / week and a $20.00 Bag Charge* Is Refundable

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Would you like for one of your meals to be breakfast?

The preset amount of meals are the recommended amount for you to maintain your healthy weight.

Your orders will arrive at your doorstep, or be ready for pickup at our store every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday

Sunday deliveries/pickups include food for Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday deliveries contain food for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Friday Deliveries include food for Saturday and Sunday.

Balanced Meals For Healthy Weight

This option is for those who would like to maintain their healthy body weight while still having balanced and nutritional meals.

Our Maintenance plan will give you plenty of energy to go about your day without having to second guess whether you made good diet choices throughout the day.

All of our lunches and dinners at FitEx are an average of 450 calories with 35-45g Protein, 35-45g Carbs, and 10-15f of fat.

Breakfasts are an average of 350 calories with 25-35g protein, 25-35g carbs, and 10-15g fat.