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Custom Plan

From: $79.95 / week and a $20.00 Bag Charge* Is Refundable



Would you like for one of your meals to be breakfast?

Your orders will arrive at your doorstep or be ready for pick-up at our store every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday

Sunday healthy food deliveries/pickups include food for Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday deliveries contain food for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Friday Deliveries include food for Saturday and Sunday.

Choose A Plan For Your Lifestyle

Choose how many meals per day and how many days a week are the right fit for you.

With so many healthy options and snacks to choose from, you’re sure to find a combination that makes you — and your body — happy.

All of our lunches and dinners in our FitEx healthy food delivery plans are an average of 450 calories with 35-45g Protein, 35-45g Carbs and 10-15f of fat.

Breakfasts are an average of 350 calories with 25-35g protein, 25-35g carbs, and 10-15g fat.

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